Thank you for 9 years!

Elizabeth Brady-Marasco

Brady Events and Marketing

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called my name, leading us to settle in a cozy little Michigan town.   I don't actually have a white picket fence but I have 2 fantastic little boys! As life always changes, I eventually embarked on a new journey, this was the start of -Brady Events and Marketing .  Presenting me the perfect opportunity to follow my passion of creativity while raising a family.  I am so grateful to share my expertise to help others achieve their event goals.  I feel blessed to witness the joy in my clients eyes when their event comes to life.  

With years of expertise and passion for creation, Brady Events and Marketing is the secret ingredient for the perfect event.  ​​Wishing you happiness in all of your event planning!

Along with a list of beautiful brides we have the pleasure of working with business leaders.  We are so grateful for our clients!   Here are just a few to name.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  1. Event Design and Decor
  2. Event Strategy
  3. Event Timing & Logistics 
  4. Creating Event Buzz/PR
  5. Vendor Referrals
  6. Defining Budget


The story behind Brady Events and Marketing started before the agency even existed.  Raised in a large family, events were  a part of everyday life - undoubtedly influencing a start to my 20 year career in event marketing and design .  After all, with 4 siblings you learn to strategize and negotiate; they taught me well and often.  

My education includes graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelors (BBA) in Marketing and Management then moving on to pursue a Master of Science (MS) in Organizational Behavior from Central Michigan University.  My career started as marketing specialist  at Ford Motor Company, traveling from Detroit to Paris to L.A. to Boston and pit stops in between. Eventually a white picket fence and beautiful family 

Meet the Lady Called Brady