• Fresh Flowers
  • Linen
  • Chair Covers
  • Lighting
  • Fabric Treatments
  • Lighting
  • Lounge Furniture


  1. Live Musicans
  2. Stilt Walker
  3. Fire Eaters
  4. Jugglers
  5. Belly Dancers
  6. Aerial Performers
  7. Acrobatics
  8. Hip Hop and Tap Dancers
  9. Cartoonist

There are so many details for planning your special event.  Let our staff work with you to help you find solution for your wedding that unique and reflective of you.  Fresh fresh flowers, linen, lighting, fabric treatment to the knowledge on how to execute to perfection on the day of your event.

With years of experience we understand how to achieve the look and feel for your special day.  From fabric and lighting treatment to unique lounge sets.  Brady Events provides and the threads and props you need to add the wow factor to your wedding or special event.

  1. Event Design and Decor
  2. Flowers
  3. Adding Personal Touches 
  4. A realistic Event Schedule
  5. Vendor Referrals
  6. Defining Budget


​with a flair!

When you want to add the WOW factor to your event look no further than Brady Events and Marketing.  As an entertainment agency we have access to the best entertainers, giving you a chance to make your event spectacular!  Talk with one of our consultants to find ways to bring excitement to your next event.  

Playful Entertainment